Official Record of Educator Certificates
A canceled credential is one that was issued in error, and has been invalidated by a determination of the Texas Education Agency staff or the board.

A clear suspension is no longer an active suspension, and means that a certificate has been reinstated and is once again valid.

A teaching credential that has been denied was not issued because the requestor was determined to be ineligible for certification, based on non-completion of requirements, or else was administratively denied pursuant to 19 Texas Administrative Code §249.12.

An expired credential is no longer valid because it was issued for a specific term and the ending date has passed.

An inactive certificate does not currently entitle the certificate holder to work as a professional educator in Texas public schools. A certificate is placed on inactive status when one of the following conditions exist: 1) the holder's standard certificate has not been renewed; 2) the certificate holder has not completed fingerprinting as required by the Texas Education Code §22.0831; or 3) the certificate holder has fees pending. Once an educator satisfies the condition or conditions that caused the certificate to be placed in inactive status, the certificate is returned to valid status.

Inscribed Reprimand:
An inscribed reprimand is the Board’s formal, published censure appearing on the face of an educator's certificate. A reprimand does not affect the validity of an educator’s certificate.

An invalid certificate may not be used for employment as an educator in Texas public schools until it has been revalidated by successful completion of a required examination.

Non-inscribed Reprimand:
A non-inscribed reprimand is a formal, unpublished censure that does not appear on the face of the educator's certificate. A reprimand does not affect the validity of an educator's certificate.

Note: This individual is currently under review by the TEA Educator Investigations Division.
This notation on an educator's certificate means that an allegation of misconduct is currently being investigated by Texas Education Agency staff. A certificate with this notation remains valid because no formal determination has been made.

A pending suspension is a suspension whose term has run, but which is still in effect because the educator has not taken the necessary steps to clear the suspension and reinstate the validity of a certificate.

Probated Suspension:
A probated suspension is a suspension that is not enforced as long as the conditions of probation are met. If a certificate holder violates any of the terms of probation, SBEC may revoke the probation and the suspension may become immediately effective. As long as the probation is not revoked, a certificate is valid during the term of the probation.

A restricted certificate has limitations on its use that have been imposed by SBEC order.

A revoked certificate has been rendered invalid as a result of disciplinary action by the SBEC.

A suspended certificate, as a result of disciplinary action by the SBEC, has been rendered invalid for a specific period of time or until reinstated by the board.

A valid certificate qualifies the holder for employment as an educator in Texas public schools, is not expired or inactive, and is not subject to an active suspension, surrender, cancellation or revocation.

Voluntary Surrender:
A voluntary surrender of a certificate occurs as a result of an educator's voluntary relinquishment of a certificate, in lieu of disciplinary proceedings, and renders that certificate invalid.