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The Texas Student Data System (TSDS) is a statewide system for collecting and reporting education data for publicly funded schools in the State of Texas.  TSDS offers a way to collect and manage data, as well as provide educators with timely, actionable, and historical student data.

The Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) is a collection of data standards for transferring data to TSDS based on the national Ed-Fi XML core with the addition of Texas specific requirements in the Texas Core Extension.  The TSDS Web-Enabled Data Standards (TWEDS) is a web-based version of TEDS.  These standards describe the data reporting requirements, responsibilities, and specifications.

The collection of Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) data is required of all Local Education Agencies (LEAs) by TEC ยง42.006.  TEDS provides instructions regarding the submission of PEIMS data from LEAs to the Texas Education Agency.

The collection of TSDS data is used to populate the Education Data Warehouse (EDW). The collection of this data is used by the LEAs for required state and federal reporting.  TEDS provides instructions regarding the submission of the TSDS data from those LEAs to the Texas Education Agency.

The Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) is for all persons involved in the data collection process, including LEA administrators, special program personnel, data control personnel, data processing staff, service center coordinators, and others.  TEDS is for data delivery only.  It should not be construed to represent the format of data available for retrieval from the database.

In TWEDS you will find:

Data Components:  

Interchanges:  The Ed-Fi Core and Texas Core Extension schemas, as well as the individual interchange schemas, their definitions, schemas and data samples. These interchange schemas will be used to load data into the EDW.  The individual interchange schemas reference a subset of the complex types defined in the Ed-Fi Core and Texas Core Extension schemas.

Categories:  The major categories and subcategories of data, as well as the interchanges and complex types within those categories and subcategories.

Complex Types:  The specifications for each complex type within an interchange schema, including its description, data elements, reporting requirements, guidance, and examples.

Data Elements:  The specifications for each data element.

Code Tables:  A list of the code tables, including the detailed codes and translations by table.

Data Submission:  The data submission purpose and general requirements, as well as:

Data Submission Specifications:  The general specifications for reporting data to TSDS, including XML header and file naming requirements. 

Data Submission Timelines:  The timelines and due dates for each collection and submission. 

Data Submission Responsibilities:  A description of the various responsibilities of the local education agencies, education service centers, and the Texas Education Agency.

Rules:  The business and field validation rules that verify that the data reported is complete, reasonable, meaningful, and accurate.

Change Logs:  A listing of the detailed changes for a given publication of TEDS.