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Code Table Id Name XML Name Date Issued Date Updated
C207 PK-TEACHER-REQUIREMENT TX-PKTeacherRequirement 03/01/2016
Code Translation
01 Certification offered through a training center accredited by Association Montesorri Internationale or through the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education
02 At least eight years’ experience of teaching in a nationally accredited child care program
03 Be employed as a prekindergarten teacher in a school district that has ensured specific prekindergarten professional development has been met.
04 A graduate or undergraduate degree in early childhood education or early childhood special education
05 A Child Development Associate (CDA) credential
06 Documented completion of the Texas School Ready Training Program (TSR Comprehensive)

This code table is used in the following data element(s): This code table is used in the following complex type(s): E1581 PK-TEACHER-REQUIREMENT 30040 StaffExtension