Application Request Overview

Having a user name and password does not permit you to access an application until you have received approval to access that application. If you have not received approval for the application, you will not see the application in your Applications list when you log on with your ID. You must request access to the application and then wait until you receive approval notifications before attempting access. This topic provides an overview of the workflow process for application access request.

The Process Workflow


This process workflow does not apply to approvals for Service Account Management Status or for a service account. The service account workflow is explained in Requesting a New Service Account.

After you submit a request for access to an application, a notification that your request has been received appears. The request is forwarded electronically to your organization approver for approval. This person is determined based on the organization type and number specified in the request. The basic steps that occur after a request are the following:

The following provides a brief description of those steps.

  1. The request is approved by the Organization Approver and routed to the application approver.

The Organization Approver role is usually filled by the head of your organization (such as the superintendent, division director, or executive director) or by their alternate. Some organizations may have designees for specific applications. For example, an Alternate Approver, or a Limited Approver, who can approve requests for one application only. If in agreement with a request, the approver approves it and it is forwarded to the TEA application owner. If not in agreement, the approver denies it and the requestor receives an e-mail explaining the reason for the denial.


If an approver does not respond to a request for access within five days, the software sends the request to the next highest approver. If there is no response, the request is cancelled and a notification is sent to the person making the request.

The head of the organization may also initiate a request to modify or revoke access for an existing user.


After sending an online request, you may want to contact the approver to indicate you have entered a request. Your phone call or e-mail  will serve as a reminder to check the system for new requests and may speed up request handling if your access requirement is urgent. An e-mail notification is sent to the approver when a request is entered by someone in his or her organization, but this notification is not sent until the early morning of the next day.

  1. The request receives final approval.

If the Organization Approver approves the request, it is routed to the appropriate application approver, who reviews it online. If the request is approved, the electronic request is processed by the system. If the request is denied, the requestor receives an e-mail explaining the denial.

  1. E-mail notifications are sent.

The system sends an e-mail notification to the person for whom access was requested in the following instances:

In some cases, a request may be modified by the person who submits it, the TEA application owner, or TEAL Administrator. This may be necessary to correct minor errors such as typos or incomplete address information. If more extensive modifications are needed, the Organization Approver may deny the request and ask the person who submitted the request to complete a new request to provide more accurate information.

Processing Time Considerations

When you submit an online request for a user account or access to a TEA application, it will sometimes take several business days to process your request, depending upon the response to the approvals. While the web-based technology speeds up the actual creation of user IDs and accounts, the normal day-to-day processing still requires a fair amount of involvement and time from the individuals who must review, verify, and approve the request. If you have not received your user account or access notifications within 10 business days of completing your request, contact your organization's Alternate or Primary Approver (usually the head of the organization) and ask that person to check the status of your request. This person will be able to review the tracking information to determine where the delay may be.